We have had countless experiences with public and private entities across all Member States. These are some examples of our successes over the past years. We are always willing to share our stories so that they may inspire you and explain what is possible thanks to Europe. If you see something that interests you, get in touch with us now on [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to talk further.

Our contributions with Member States have allowed cities and regions to gain much added value. We will thus support you in proposing projects to central national authorities during the last “tranche” of this budget, as well as help you prepare for the 2021-2027 term. Additionally, we can ensure the development of your projects by using opt-in funds from Brussels together with other EU cities. Our consultants will be with you throughout all meetings, giving you insights as to your decisions and options. However, before we do so, start getting notified of opportunities. We will provide you with straightforward results.

Moreover, when cities and regions gain opportunities, they are in turn strengthening their industries; this is a valuable lesson we have learnt over the years. In terms of EU funding, industries need to gain a new understanding on how such opportunities can be exploited. That way, the result is a clear win-win for both individual companies and the cities which they operate in. We can easily find leads, intellectual properties, funding opportunities and business partners across all the EU-27 and EEA countries. We are entrepreneurial experts, and so we understand the need to expand your network and widen your horizons.

We have provided our expertise to various entities over the years, and our work has served as a positive contribution to many industries. These are some of the sectors which we have impacted: