Our training and educational experience has also been used to promote the use of robotics in education. In fact, through our company TrainingMalta, we have offered courses in this area. We are starting to see how jobs with technological and digital companies are in-demand, yet at the same, there are apparent gaps in the labour market when it comes to STEM subjects. Through ER4STEM (Educational Robotics for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), robotic tools can be used to encourage students to pursue STEM subjects from a very young age. The project has run workshops for those from 7 to 18 years old. However, it has not only targeted students. ER4STEM has also been responsible for building a repository for teachers to access and share resources and approaches. This has therefore led to the harmonisation of approaches in the teaching of STEM subjects across Europe. As AcrossLimits, we were involved as a technical partner in all work packages, whereby we identified the best practices in teaching with robotics, ran workshops, carried out dissemination as well as organised and hosted the European Conference on Educational Robotics (ECER) in Malta.