Language training is one of the most popular types of learning across the world, especially amongst adult learners. It promotes cultural interaction and thereby reaps many benefits to the tourist economy. At AcrossLimits, we are also experts in the provision of training and education. Therefore, projects of this type are the ideal fit for us, and over the years, we have been involved in many.

As part of the “Be my Guest” project, we have contributed to the development and presentation of a course that teaches the user how to speak Russian. The project intended to study the advantages of learning this language within the context of cultural exchange and integration. We have worked on a similar project such as this, entitled “Practise Makes Perfect” (Promoting European Citizenship Through Language). The aim of this project was to understand the impact of learning on adults, and our role included monitoring and assisting students, developing purposeful ICT tools, as well as carrying out dissemination through newsletters, magazines and leaflets.

Other than developing intensive language courses, we have also made use of ICT tools to provide mini lessons that can be followed from anywhere. “LANGO” (Language Learning on the Go) was a project which encouraged the use of eLearning through providing 365 10-minute lessons to be followed every day of the year. Our target audience included those travelling on the basis of work or study, immigrants, and people who wanted to improve their language skills. We were also part of a similar project, “Learning by Moving”, targeting commuters and students through language learning and the promotion of various European cultures. In both projects, our role was to serve as leaders of the technical Work Packages, develop web-based versions of the learning courses, and provide Maltese language-based content.