Operational Expertise:

Our operational expertise is essential not just for monetising your research but also to help you make long-term decisions that will support your business. Our skills can be categorised into four sections; developing a sustainable competitive advantage, attracting customers and buyers, cost and quality management, as well as ensuring the longevity of your company.

First and foremost, we strive to develop a sustainable business plan which will give you an advantage over your competitors. This can be done through the creation of a business model in order for you to determine your goals and objectives. From there, we can move on to putting your plans into actions. One of our many skills is that of negotiation and mediation; valuable skills that will give you the intellect to stay ahead and resort to becoming more innovative.

Part of the development of the business plan includes building a strategy in order to attract potential customers and buyers. This involves conducting market research to get a clear picture on how your project’s results can be suitably monetised, and whether it can easily be established on the market. Sales and marketing play a significant role in attracting clients; an area which we are adept at. However, it is not just about gaining new clients but also to meet the needs of existing ones. Therefore, it is necessary to understand client needs and requirements, as well as providing excellent customer care and account management services. At AcrossLimits, we always consider our clients’ best interests and so, through our consultancy services, we intend to spread the good word.

Third, cost and quality management is important for your company. Hence, we suggest building an enterprise strategic analysis. Such an analysis will help you foresee factors that will impact the measures of cost and quality within your service and actually make decisions that will work around these factors. Developing a policy as well as a service portfolio are both areas in which we can help. Our years of experience have allowed us to maintain a clear vision on the standards of management and leadership. We can help you adopt further skills and also provide you with operational support along the way.

Building a business is a long and arduous process, but the real work and initiative resides in maintaining it. As part of our services, the drafting of a business plan ensures longevity. This can be achieved through proper resource planning and subsequent management, as well as looking into finance and economics. The registration of a legal entity is as important. AcrossLimits has been operating for nearly 20 years, and the key to our success is the fact that we possess a driven attitude towards innovative ideas. Any company can survive if it possesses the same flare for entrepreneurship as it did during its early days. Maintaining a fresh outlook is important, as it is to think big. Other areas in which we can support you are through IPR protection and legal and regulatory advisory services.

We are always here to support your ideas and turn them into viable options. That is part of our magic. It is one thing to have an imagination, yet it is another to have something that is tangible. Resourcing and funding are essential; which is why our operational expertise will help you secure the right investment.


Technical Expertise:

Our technical expertise is as extensive as our operational skills. Nowadays, the world is experiencing a culture change whereby businesses are increasingly becoming dependent on

ICT. This is where we come in. AcrossLimits has provided IT services to projects and companies alike for years. In fact, our mission statement is to come up with technical solutions that can be applied to a range of different areas such as e-Infrastructures, the natural and social sciences, training and eLearning as well as e-Health. Thereby, our support has resulted in helping out with the development of software packages, information systems and services. We intend to create solutions, through technology, within all aspects of the European citizen’s life.


In the table below, you will find a list of services which are ideal for each type of business or company. However, if you would like a more personalised approach, then contact us on [email protected].

Entity Type Service
Innovative Startup Funding / Research


Scaleup Procurement

Funding / Development


SME Procurement
Cluster of companies Procurement

Networking at European Level

Large Corporate Notification of Procurement

Funding / Research Arm

First Mover Knowledge

Cities & Regions Funding / social & economic

Networking at European Level

Science Parks / Universities Funding / Research

First Mover Knowledge