Our years of experience have enabled us to maintain a clear vision of how the global markets and international trade operate. Therefore, we also provide Export Consulting. We do not just help companies to operate effectively within the regions which they are based. On the contrary, we want to maximise our relationships with our clients by encouraging entrepreneurs to take the necessary steps in order to go across the border and export their products and services. There are endless opportunities available to enter new and innovative markets, which is why we strive to give SMEs the drive and confidence they need. Our hopes are that together we overcome the challenges related to export growth, increase sales, and establish you as a competitive force on a global level.

The success percentage of procurement is higher than that of traditional EU funding. Thereby, through procurement, you are more likely able to make a profit out of your project. We can find the right tenders and contracting authorities for your industries, cluster or region. Initially, we get in contact with you in order to discuss your visions and what it is that you are looking for. From there, we can build a dossier in order to determine what opportunities are available to you.

However, we can also assist you in the necessary arrangements for creating a tender application. We are very good at keeping up with deadlines and can provide you with timely notifications for you to maintain control over your work. Our approach is very organised and iterative, and thereby you will expect us to work in a step-by-step manner. Apart from the preparation, we are also at your disposal to organise business events and visits, as well as networking.