Our services are available to both public and private organisations. 

Nowadays, we recognise that companies are in need of consulting services; for someone to observe and provide objective feedback. The beauty behind consultancy is that it can be used to help companies in many different ways. For example; we help organisations find the right funding opportunities for their projects. Moreover, we help them expand and grow, as well as adapt to change. Therefore, our services are wide and varied.


At AcrossLimits Consultancy, we work according to your preferences. We can easily adapt to your project lifecycle, as well as your work schedule and preferred mode of engagement. This means that you will tell us how you wish to work, and we will deliver accordingly. Part of our work ethic is to draft and develop business models, plans and strategies for your perusal. In fact, we give guidance and feedback not just when requested, but also when it is clearly needed.


As regards to location, we can easily work on-site at your offices or even remotely. We ensure that contact is maintained throughout our partnership and encourage frequent contact through AV conferencing, eMeetings, email and phone messaging. We are also available to work with you throughout the lifetime of a project and remain at your disposal even after it has ended. Our ambition is to help you capitalise on the success of your project and its results. In fact, we have the experience and a talent for turning projects into real businesses!


The four different types of services which we offer are:

  • Funding
  • Networking
  • Export & Procurement
  • Research Sustainability