The European market is highly competitive and thus many SMEs have found it difficult to keep up with their counterparts, all whilst maintaining a fresh image. Apart from consultancy, we have helped these companies through small-scale as well as large projects such as Horizon-2020. “ENVISION” (EmpoweriNg (European) SME business model InnovatiON) forms part of the latter, whereby the project used business model innovation in order to transform traditional businesses by use of an online service platform, increasing European competitiveness, and creating jobs. Throughout this project, we served as leaders of the Work Package 6 group related to outreach. Moreover, we signed MOU agreements with various multiplier organisations, including female entrepreneur networks. On the national level, we have also collaborated with businesses to help them enter the European market; namely through the “BOSS” project (Business Opportunities and Services for Small-micro companies).

Over the past years, Europe has been marred by economic downturns which have affected creative industries. Many enterprises which are creative or artistic in nature may lack entrepreneurial skills. However, it does not have to be either one or the other. Artists are able to embrace their creativity whilst also utilising their business outlooks. At AcrossLimits Consultancy, we recognise the need for creativity in today’s digital world. We want the digital arts to become a competitive force in the market, especially in light of the high rates in youth unemployment. Thereby, we have been part of the “KRE8R” project (Turning Creative Skills into Sustainable Businesses), which develops the skills of those in the creative industries by providing a VET curriculum. Our role has been to design a specific eLearning platform, pilot the course in Malta, create the project’s website, as well as to carry out dissemination for the project.